Atlanta Area Psychological Associates Staff

Originally a psychologist-only practice, Atlanta Area Psychological Associates has carefully selected ethical,
competent therapists with different backgrounds and types of training.

Our staff has been selected for their wide range of interests and expertise. We are actually a group, working
together, setting policies together and finding you effective solutions together.

We are all dedicated to our work, as well as to our ongoing professional development. Atlanta Area Psychological
Associates has been oriented towards training and development of our practitioners from the very beginning.

Please take a look at our individual pages. We have a variety of specialties and backgrounds. It may help you choose
one of us to work with you.

Many so-called “group practices” are simply practitioners who share the office rent, but have essentially no other
connection. We can offer you a comprehensive range of services, including the benefit of skill sets your therapist
may not have - because we are a team, not independents in competition with each other.

We are contracted with most of the major insurance companies and their sub-contractors, the “managed mental health
care” companies. We also accept Medicaid for children and adults. Most of us accept all 3 of the Medicaid
Managed Care Plans: Wellcare, Peach State, and Amerigroup.

Since every insurance contract differs from employer to employer, we suggest that you call our intake coordinator -
(770) 953-6401, then press 1. When you make your initial appointment, we’ll get to work finding out exactly what
your insurance will cover and what your out-of-pocket cost will be.

Gary Dudley, Ph.D. Alan Brandis, Ph.D.
Daniella Atwell, LPC Shannon Paul Cone, PhD, LPC
Samantha Jordan, Psy.D. Susan McCarthy, LPC
Lina Muñoz, Ph.D. Pat Skellie, Psy.D.
Christy Rahn, Psy. D. Kathy Wright, Psy.D.