Atlanta Area Psychological Associates Community Service

AAPA is pleased to be able to provide speakers for a wide variety of groups. We can address a broad range of mental heatlh topics that may be of interest to your organization.

To request a speaker for your organization or event, please contact us at 770-953-6401, or submit your request on our Contact Page.

Following are some of the topics our therapists can speak about with your group:

About Children

  • Parenting the "Challenging Child"
  • Bullying At School and At Home: If Your Child Is A Bully Or Is Being Bullied
  • How Children Survive Loss: Grief and Recovery
  • Children and Divorce: How To Help
  • Divorced Parenting: Cooperating Amidst the Tension
  • Positive Parenting Techniques
  • So - You Think Your Kid's On Drugs?
  • Teen Depression and How To Help
  • Effective Communication For Parents and Families
  • Raising Your Teenager, Surviving and Thriving
  • Talking To Kids About Self-Esteem
  • Dealing Effectively With Aggression In Children
  • Parenting Myths
  • Is a Temper Monster Ruling Your Home?
  • Basic Emotional Needs of Kids - Is the Family Meeting Them?
  • Parent/Child Communication: Who Talks and Who Listens ?
  • How To Get Out of Doing Your (Kid's) Homework
  • ADHD Issues and Behavior Management
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: What Is It? What To Do About It?
  • What Parents Need To Know About Eating Disorders
  • Alcohol, Drugs and Teens: What Your Elementary Age Children Need To Know
  • Foster Care: From Parent or Child's Perspective
  • Fighting For Custody: How To Help The Children Not Be The Losers
  • What Does My Child Need To Know About Sex, and How Can I Help? Sex Education in the Age of AIDS

For and About Adults

  • The Mind-Body Connection: Help For The Chronically Ill
  • Stress Management / Relaxation Training
  • Holiday Blues
  • Re-Vitalizing Your Life
  • A Consumer's Guide To Meditation
  • Hypnosis - What It Is, What It Isn't, and How It Can Be Used
  • Making the Most Of the Second Half of Your Life
  • Conflict and Anger Management
  • Skills and Strategies To Reduce Burnout At Home
  • Coping With Chronic Pain
  • Spirituality and Everyday Life
  • Prospering in Love, Health, Wealth and Career
  • Grief, Loss, Sadness and Depression
  • So, You Want To Lose Weight?
  • Change Your Mind, Change your Life
  • Transitions: Career and Work
  • The Life You Were Born To Live
  • Trauma: Survival Techniques
  • You and Your Relationship To Food
  • Healthy Living: What Are You Doing To Take Care of You?
  • Drug Awareness For Parents and Partners
  • Healthy Bodies, Healthy Selves
  • Promoting Positive Self-Esteem With Yourself and/or Someone You Love
  • Communication: Improving and Enhancing Your Relationship
  • Making Relationships Work
  • Feelings: Understanding Yourself
  • Drug Addiction and Alcoholism
  • Setting and Achieving Personal Goals
  • Dating in the ‘0s - Do’s, Don’ts, and Dilemmas
  • High Anxiety: Dealing With Anxiety Without Drugs
  • Adult ADD and ADHD: How Can I Get Organized?
  • Assessment and Treatment of Chronic Pain
  • Reducing the Number of "Upsets" in Your Life
  • Effective Listening Skills

For Management and the Workplace

  • The Impact of ADHD in the Workplace
  • How Mental Health Services Can Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Management Strategies For the "Problem" Worker
  • Enhancing Customer Service For Increased Profit
  • Increasing Employee Productivity
  • Team Building
  • Effective Communication Skills For Managers
  • Managing Skills and Strategies To Reduce Burnout In the Workplace
  • Leadership Styles and Abilities
  • What Psychological Testing Can Do For Your Business
  • From Macro Management To Micro Management: How To Increase Your Company’s Organization And Efficiency
  • Group Smoking Cessation Training
  • Drug Awareness and Its Impact On the Workplace

Many other topics of interest are available, including talks on any of the areas of expertise listed on the AAPA Articles Page. For more information, please contact us at 770-953-6401, or submit your request on our Contact Page.