Psychological Services have changed a lot in the last 20 years. Leaner, more problem-focused and outcome-oriented, there are a variety of effective approaches today that were not readily available previously. We provide services to adults, teens and children. We can meet virtually every mental health need you may have; in the rare instance when we cannot, we can quickly direct you to the right place. The articles published here describe many, but not all, of the solutions we can help you find. Acting as a behavioral, strategic and motivational consultant, we work with you, your partner, your children, your parents, etc., individually or in various combinations. Finding a new way to see an old problem is often the first step towards trying new solutions, leading to refreshingly different results. There are several “indirect” services we provide as well, such as several types of Psychological Testing and various kinds of Evaluations. Refer to the Articles page to explore them. If you are not in the Atlanta area, your local state or county Psychological Association can direct you to a qualified professional near you.

Services we Offer

For Attention Disorders: See Dr. Alan Brandis' article "Addressing Attention" for a discussion of approaches to ADD/ADHD. NeuroFeedback is a non-drug treatment for ADD and ADHD.

For Gifted and Talented Children: We have a variety of services to address the special needs of gifted and talented children.

Other services: Family Counseling, Therapy related to drug and alcohol abuse, Parenting Problems, Marriage Counseling, Anger Management, Pain Management, Treatment for Depression and Anxiety, Liaison with Court and/or Probation.