Atlanta Area Psychological Associates

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Atlanta Area Psychological Associates, P.C.

Atlanta Area Psychological Associates is a full-service psychological practice, serving the metro Atlanta area with three locations: Marietta, Roswell/Alpharetta, and Acworth. We have a diverse group of therapists who work together as a team, providing a full range of services for adults, teens and children. We can meet virtually every mental health need you may have, and in the rare instances we cannot provide the service you need, we can quickly direct you to the right place. Our clinicians have decades of training and experience in dealing with issues such as depression, alcoholism, substance abuse, attention disorders, family counseling, and much more.

We work with you, your partner, your children -- individually, or in various combinations -- to help you address your mental health needs. Acting as behavioral, strategic and motivational consultants, we can help you see an old problem in a new way, which is often the first step to new solutions and refreshingly different results.

Please use our web resources to learn about issues that are of importance to you. If you're involved with an organization whose members share concerns about mental health issues, we can provide a speaker for a group meeting or event. And if you would like to find out how our professionals can help you with your own needs, please contact us today to find out how to get started.